SGRY ( Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojona )

a brief outline

          Integrating the hitherto existing JGSY and EAS, Government of India in the Ministry of Rural Development launched Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY) from the last quarter of the financial year 2001-2002. The primary objective of the programme is to provide additional wage employment in all rural areas providing food security and improving the nutritional levels. The creation of durable community, social and economic assets and infrastructural development in rural areas is the secondary object.

          Under the schemes both fund and foodgrains are provided as wage components, the non wage component being only fund. As part of wages foodgrains should be given to the rural poor at the rate 5 kg per mayday. However more than 5 kg of foodgrains per mayday can be given with condition that minimum 25% of the wages is to be paid in cash. Incidentally it is mentioned that G.O.I provide foodgrains free of cost. As per guidelines (effective w.e.f 1..4.2002) the programme will be implemented as centrally sponsored schemes and the cash component is shared between the Centre and the State in the ratio of 75:25 respectively.

          The programme is open to all rural poor who are in need of wage employment and desire to do manual and unskilled work in and around his village. SGRY is self – targeting in nature. It will be implemented in two streams- ie 1st Stream and the 2nd Stream. The 1st stream is implemented by the Zilla Parishads and the Panchayat Samitis. But the 2nd Stream is implemented entirely by the Gram Panchayats. The resources of SGRY are equally distributed between these two streams. Under the 1st stream the resources are distributed between the Zilla Parishad and the Panchayat Samities in the ratio of 40 : 60. The resources under the 2nd stream are entirely distributed among the Gram Panchayats.

          Under the 1st stream, the Zilla Parishads and the Panchayat Samitis shall give priority to the works of soil and moisture conservation, minor irrigation, drinking water sources, desiltation of village tanks /ponds, rural link roads, drainage work, afforestation, kitchens for schools, dispensaries, Panchayat Ghars, development of hats etc.

          Under the 2nd stream all works that result durable productive assets can be taken up as per the felt needs of the rural people. Priority should be given on infrastructure support for SGSY, agricultural activities in the GP areas, Community infrastructure for health as well as roads linking the village to the main road, desiltation and renovation of village tank/ponds. For creating the rural infrastructure, emphasis should be given on labour intensive works. Purely material oriented works should not be taken up.

          Under SGRY following types of works shall not be taken up :

           Building for religious purposes such as Temple. Mosque, Gurudwar, Church etc.

           Monuments, Memorials, Statue, Idols, Arch Gate/Welcome Gate.

           Bridges (except Culvert, small bridges on local nalas)

           Building for Higher Secondary Schools.

           Building for Collages.

          22.5% of the annual allocation (fund and foodgrains) under the 1st Stream shall be earmarked for individual beneficiaries schemes of SC/ST families living below the poverty line and under the 2nd stream minimum 50% of the allocation to the Gram Panchayats shall be earmarked for creation of need based rural infrastructure in SC/ST areas.

Salient features
Recent Directives dated 8.5.2002 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in connection with the implementation of SGRY

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