Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)


          The genesis of Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) can be traced to the programmes of rural employment which began in early 1980s. IAY was launched during 1985-86 as a sub-scheme of RLEGP. Thereafter IAY continued as a sub-scheme of JRY since its launching in 1989. IAY had been delinked from JRY and had been made an independent scheme with effect from 1st January, 1996.

           The objective of IAY is primarily to help construction of dwelling units by members of SCs/STs, non-SC/ST rural poor below the poverty line by providing them with grant in aid.

           IAY operates as a 100% subsidized centrally sponsored programme with the resources being shared on 75:25 basis between Centre and the States. Funds under the scheme allocated to the States/UTs are further distributed to the districts in proportion to the SC/ST population in the district.

           In 1999-2000, the provision for giving financial assistance for upgradation of existing Kachha Houses of the eligible beneficiaries have been included. Allocation for the purpose is made separately out of total allocation under this programme. Amount of assistance for upgradation is limited in Rs. 10,000 in each case. Table 4.5 below indicates the achievements under this programme.

          The allotment of house under the scheme is done in the name of the female member of the beneficiary household. Alternatively, it can be allotted in the joint name of both the husband and wife. The beneficiaries are to be involved from the very beginning in construction work and have to make their own arrangements for construction to suit their requirements. As far as possible houses are built in clusters so as to facilitate provision of common facilities. The permissible construction assistance per house is Rs. 20,000 in plain areas and Rs. 22,000 in hilly or difficult areas.

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